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How should I Handle Stamps?

Always handle stamps with a pair of special stamp tweezers with flat ends that will not damage stamps - don't use tweezers with ridged ends sold for 'cosmetic' use - they may scrape the surface of the stamp (in America they call tweezers tongs). However clean you think your hands are, they will always carry a small amount of dirt and moisture, which can soil the stamps if you handle them with your fingers.

There are several types and styles of tweezers.
Pick a pair you are comfortable with.

Using tweezers to pick up stamps takes a little practice, but you will soon become skillful at using them. You can get stamp tweezers from any good stamp shop.


You can explore the world of dinosaurs. Many countries have issued stamps showing these huge monsters. You can find out all about them in any library, or visit a natural history museum. Find out their size and what they ate. It makes your collection more interesting if you add some writing-up to your stamp album pages to show what the stamps are about.

The miniature sheet below was issued by the United States in 1997 and shows several dinosaurs. Can you spot the Stegosaurus?

The Stegosaurus is the dinosaur near the top of the sheet with large triangular plates sticking up on its back. It grew to a length of 20 feet. It was a plant eater, and the boney plates on its back were to protect it from other creatures. It lived about 150 million years ago.

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