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How do I get the Stamps off the paper without Damaging them?

Soak them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes until they peel off the paper. Then blot them on some white blotting paper or an absorbent white kitchen paper towel (Don't use coloured blotting paper or kitchen towel because the colour sometimes tranfers to the stamps).

Put them somewhere safe to dry out, and then flatten them out for a few hours under a heavy object such as a pile of books. If you have any stamps to soak off that are on coloured paper or with a coloured airmail border, soak them seperately in case the dye from the paper or print runs and colours the stamps you are soaking off.


There have been many stamps issued that are not recognised as true postage stamps. They are called 'Cinderella Stamps' and may be local stamps that were not issued by a recognised postal authority, revenue stamps, publicity labels, Christmas seals, charity labels, private posts and many more.

This stamp is a local stamp issued by Lundy Island off the south-west of the British Isles. The island is privately owned and runs a private postal service. They use Puffins as their currency. Many people collect these stamps.

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