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Where can I get Stamps?

You can start by asking your family and friends to save any stamps they get for you. But be sure to ask them not to try and tear them off the envelopes. This will more than likely damage the stamp and make it not worth putting in your collection. Ask them to cut them off the envelope with the paper still attached, and to leave about a quarter of an inch of the envelope all around the stamp so that the perforations don't get damaged.


Early stamps like this one were not perforated.
They had to be cut from the sheet with scissors.
Sometimes modern stamps miss getting perforated.
Watch out for these they might be valuable.
(But stamps with just one or two straight edges
have probably come from a coil machine or booklet.)

Save all the stamps that come your way - even if they don't fit into the theme or country you have decided to collect. You can swap any stamps you don't want for stamps that you do want.

If you know any adults who already collect stamps they will probably have a lot of stamps they don't want and will be only too pleased to encourage your collecting by giving you some.

You may be lucky and have a stamp shop near you, but if not, watch out for local stamp or collectors' fairs. Ask your parents to take you along. But only spend what you can afford on purchasing stamps. You can build your collection slowly by spending a little each week. You can watch your collection grow - it will be something unique that you have created.


Sometimes stamps are wrongly printed.
This United States stamp has the
yellow background colour inverted.
The US Post Office issued over
forty million of the error in 1962
when the mistake was discovered so
that it would not become a rarity.

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