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Helping Young Stamp Collectors to get Started


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Welcome to all young stamp collectors ...

and to any adults who stray here by accident!
We aim to tell you what stamp collecting is all about.

If you're not already a collector we'll help you get started -
and if you're already a collector we'll try and answer some of your questions.

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Your Questions Answered - well, some of them!

Click on the question for the answer,
or take a tour below and discover
the World Through Stamps:

So, what's cool about stamp collecting?

Where can I get stamps?

How do I get the stamps off the paper without damaging them?

How should I handle stamps?

How should I keep my stamps?

There are millions of stamps - how can I identify them all?

I've still got unanswered questions - where can I get more help?

Are there other websites about stamps I can visit?

My school doesn't have a stamp club - how can we start one?

The Earth in Space.

Now take a trip around the world on a journey of discovery through stamps. But this is a virtual world, so you can always be sure of coming back safely.


Finally ...

Enjoy the hobby ...

and always remember that in one small
album you can fit the whole world!

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